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The Benefits of Registering on

The purpose of this site is to preserve the Mullis and allied family lines through sound genealogical practice including but not limited to:

  •   Obtaining pictures and documents related to the our families.
  •   Providing pictures and documents free of charge to family members.
  •   Obtaining source documentation instead of being a collector of names.
  •   Teaching the value of interviewing family members.
  •   Teaching the value of preserving source documentation for future generations.
  •   Keeping in touch with our family members.
  •   Sharing Research

Once you register you will be able to:

  • Add comments to the news pages
  • Add comments to the Forum
  • Submit Mullis Family News and Stories
  • Download and Upload photos and documents to share with other registered family members.

The site is best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer, but should also be viewable on a mobile device with no issue.

Correcting Mistakes

The goal of this site is to research the Mullis and allied family lines as well as to create a community of family members and fellow researchers to discuss the genealogy of these lines. The database section is a culmination of my personal research and contributions from other family researchers. I try my best to give credit to everyone that contributes as well as make sure the data is sourced. If you happen to find mistakes in the database please contact me and provide the source so I can correct these.

annekarakash / Pixabay

Please Help Us:

Look through your attics and closets! Did you know that valuable genealogical material may be rotting away in your closets, attics or garages. You may have packed up a beloved relatives belongings when they passed away and have not gone through it since then. If you are reading this, now is the time to go through these valuables.

It’s amazing what gets ruined or thrown away every day that may be evidence to your existence or a relatives’ existence on this earth. Most people think these things may not be valuable to anyone. The things you may think is trash could be gold nuggets waiting to be discovered to those researching our family.

If you are related to me in some way or think you may be please contact me before you throw anything out that is from a deceased family member that you may think is trash or not valuable to anyone. More than likely it is a valuable document or picture that our family would love to have and share with the rest of the family.

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