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TNG – WordPress Plugin

Here is the file to Download.

Version .33

[download id=”2″]



11/29/2011 version .33 –  genlib.php throwing a "Cannot redeclare genealogy_header()" error. Hopefully this update will take care of that.


11/14/2011 version .32 – missed removing a widget initialization line of code.


11/14/2011 version .31.

Stupid me forgot to turn the headers back on. This should work now.


11/13/2011 Updated to version .29

Removed the widgets for now since they were not working. Cleaned out old template code. This sped up access to TNG.


11/12/2011- Version .28

I have this plugin working on my site. This is an update to the original Mark Barnes Plugin. Marks plugin quit working when WordPress changed its hashing routine and TNG  changed its login system.

This is not the so called “psuedo integration” that other folks are doing. This is a full integration using WordPress hooks to present TNG within WordPress.

After trying a other people’s hacks I could never get the log-ins to synch between WordPress and TNG. There are still issues as noted below, but as time permits I will work through them. This is not a two way sync and only syncs from WordPress to TNG. I am not working on a full blown synch since I am not running TNG as a stand-alone. This suffices for what I want to accomplish.

Please do not ask me for help. I am the one that is asking for help to fix the rest of the code 🙂


Your mileage may vary and I am only offering this as is. There is no guarantee this will not break your site.

Even though I have the Session variable passing correctly From WordPress to TNG….the TNG password are getting re-hashed I believe. This means that you may not be able to login into the stand alone TNG administration page with the WordPress administrator password.

For Now – when you set up TNG create a Super administrator username and password that you will not use in WordPress. This is you can get into TNG admin area in case WordPress locks its admin user out. I will work on this later. Oh Sean!!!….I need your help on this one to make it more elegant 🙂

To Install

1) Set up and have a working TNG with its own unique administrator username and password

2) Set Up WordPress (do not make the WordPress administrator username the same as your TNG administrator).

3) Set WordPress Permalinks to anything but default

4) Install the TNG-Wordpress plugin as you would any other WordPress plugin and activate.

5) Create a blank WordPress Page and only give it a Title.

Under Page Attributes>>Template set the drop down list to ” Onecolumn, no sidebar”(This is template dependent and I would suggest finding a template that has this attribute) This allows TNG to open in full width of your template.

Publish the page. Depending on how you have your WordPress template set up this should show up as a tab.

6) On your WordPress Dashboard go to TNG>>Options

a) – set “Show on TNG: >>to the page you just created

b) – Path To TNG File: point to where you installed TNG

c) – check all the options and click the save button




Currently this plugin gives WordPress Administrators TNG Administrator rights.

All other WordPress users have contributor rights. If you want to change the rights of your users you will have to edit the genealogy.php file found in the plugin at line 617 and adjust it accordingly. (I will add on the fly WordPress functionality to this at a later date)


To Do

1) Get it working with non-pretty permalinks
2) Find error in cemeteries page
3) Make it work with the home page
4) synch wordpress roles to TNG roles
5) Fix Google Maps not showing – probably javascript and/or css conflict within TNG since other wordpress google map plugins work.

6) Force TNG Administrator drop down on front page to open in new Window.
7) user_levels has been depricated in WordPress – need to update this so the plugin continues working with future updates of WordPress. It works with 3.2 for now.

8) rebuild widgets and make it a separate plugin.




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