Recognizing Lisa Mullis

September 18, 2007

Recognizing Lisa Mullis

Health Aide

Grandview Elementary School

Tonight’s honoree is Lisa Mullis, the health aide at Grandview
Elementary School. She was nominated by her Principal Jennifer
Baker. Ms. Mullis joined the Monroe County Community School
Corporation in August of 2005, and quickly became as asset to the
Grandview community. Her supervisors describe her as organized,
caring and calm, patient with parents and students, and a colleague
to staff members as well as a life-long learner.

A supreme example of her dedication was demonstrated on Friday,
September 7, 2007. Her principal wrote, “Grandview sixth graders
were outside having an extra recess. During this recess, several
students were stung by yellow jackets. One sixth grade student, who
has life-threatening allergies, was stung multiple times. The
teacher quickly sent him to the health office where Lisa took
immediate action. She notified the office that 911 needed to be
called. As principal, I immediately assisted Lisa as she moved into
action. She went through the protocol or treatment including
administering an Epi-pen shot and as a result of her quick
reactions, he was able to make it to the hospital in time to
receive additional care, and he survived. Lisa, who works for very
little pay, is responsible for saving this boy’s life. Besides
keeping exceptional records, maintaining excellent parent contact,
and multi-tasking everyday, she (also) attended additional
trainings last year in order to be better trained to care for our
three, Type I diabetic children at Grandview. Lisa is one in a
million and I believe she should be recognized as someone who has
made a difference in our school community!”

Lisa Mullis, you are one of our school corporation’s shining
Faces of Education. It is a pleasure to recognize you for all of
your diligent work and commitment to our students. Thank you.

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