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Rachel Emaline Mullis

I’m not sure if this would qualify as a tribute, but it makes for entertaining reading.


From “The Mullis Melange” book by Barbara Anne Philemon Culp


There was a story told the writer by a family member about Rachel Emaline and a Baucom gentleman. It seems there came a terrible rain storm one afternoon and Richardson Creek overflowed its banks. Emaline Mullis was on one side of the creek and the Baucom gentleman was on the other side.

Emaline stepped from behind the bushes and began to do a little dance. The rain had soaked her garments making them a tight fit and as she danced she raised her skirt tail a little higher as she twirled through the wet grass. The Baucom gentleman threatened to swim across the creek if she did not quit her foolishness.

WELL! As the story goes, she didn’t and he did and nine months later the baby arrived. fortunately or unfortunately; however, you may choose to look at it, the baby did not live.

Emaline lived in Union county, N.C. in a small house, probably on her grandparents property. She didn’t like being alone, so she visited among the neighborsand relatives quite a lot.

She left a will naming her niece Minnie V. Philemon as benefactor. she, Jacob, Creasy, Ralph, and E.L. are burried on her property. there were some fieldstones also, and the older neighbors said they were the graves of Emaline’s parents, John C. and Charlotte Mullis Mullis.

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