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Pace and Mullis fill Crowley council seats

Pace and Mullis fill Crowley council seats

By By Danielle Novy/

May 11, 2008, 01:11

Tina Pace and Paige Mullis overcame challenges to win Crowley
City Council’s election Saturday.

Pace, who received 124 votes, resumed her position on the
council’s fifth seat when she beat opponent James Dornan, who
received 60 votes.

“I want to thank all the voters,” Pace said.
“[The election] was very exciting and humbling all at the
same time. I really appreciate their confidence in me.”

Revitalizing Crowley and aiding in the city’s growth will
continue to be priorities for Pace, she said.

She looks forward to working alongside Mullis, who shares her
vision, she said.

“She has a heart for growth and a heart for Crowley,”
Pace said of Mullis.

Pace was also excited the race was contested because when she ran
for council the first time, she ran unopposed.

“Having an opponent was very exciting,” she said.

Opponent Dornan did not comment on the race.

Meanwhile, the race for the council’s sixth seat yielded 124
votes for Mullis and 65 for opponent Mike Flynn.

“I want to thank everybody who voted in this election. I am
very excited to be on city council, and I am looking forward to
working with the mayor and city council,” Mullis said.
“I want to have an open dialogue with our citizens to find
out their goals and concerns for Crowley.

“As I have stated before, some of the things I want to
accomplish include better pay for firefighters and police, adding
more firefighters and police, careful budgeting of gas lease
revenue, beautifying Main Street and working with [the Crowley
Youth Association] to help youth programs grow. I want to thank my
husband, children and supporters for all their hard work. I could
not have won this election without you. I also want to congratulate
Tina Pace on her re-election to the council.”

Mullis has served on the planning and zoning board for three years
and has lived in Crowley for seven years.

“I’m fine with the results; I went at it pretty
low-key,” opponent Flynn said.

Mullis is a qualified candidate with ample experience for the
position, he said.

Flynn, a 10 year resident of Crowley, decided to run in response to
members of the community who urged him to take his passion for
parks and recreation to the council.

For three years he has served as president of the Crowley Youth
Association, and he said he is still eager to actively work toward
building strong parks and recreation programs.


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