Mullis Howard House Demolition

March 14, 2008 was a sad day in Cochran. The Mullis Howard house was demolished.

It was built in 1911-1912, and my parents & I actually rented it for a year (89-90) when we were building their current house.  It was sad to see it go, and unreal at the same time. I stripped all of the doors, stairs, banisters, and everything else I could get that morning to hopefully use as props one day.  I even got the barn door, that I just have to hang outside for a backdrop.  I was there most of the day watching it come down.

ABC Demolition from Forsyth was the company who did the demolition, and they were very easy going and friendly.  They could have easily told us to stay away from the house, but they let us get what we could salvage.  They also held off the final knocking down of the house until i could get back from a photoshoot, and I am deeply grateful.

You can see all of the demolition pictures here:


Back in November, before the demolition:




After the Demolition.





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