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Mullis, Eric

Artists have varied art experience

June 2002     Vol.3 Issue 6


Ten-year-old Eric
Mullis is another Celebrity Artist at Spoede School. He’s
a 4th grader.

His painting of
a tennis player in action has a style that reminded his art
teacher, Jim Boland, of that used by the famous sports artist
Leroy Neiman.

Eric said he’d
done a lot of art projects when he was younger. But, he added,
"I hadn’t drawn all that much."

He said his painting
was with acrylic paints on paper. Some of the paint was pre-mixed.
But, he said he made his own shade of green. "I mixed
yellow and blue paint. Then, I’d add a little more yellow
and a little more blue until I got the grass color I wanted,"
he said.

He said his family
also has the framed picture in its family room. They ordered
eight T-shirts. One for each of the four family members and
"one for my best friend, Greg Wilhelm." The other
three are for grand-parents.








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