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Mullis, Deborah

When she first expressed an interest in painting at the age of seven,deborahmullis.jpg Deborah Mullis was told it was “biologically impossible.” Citing the fact that no one in her family was involved in art, a nun told Mullis that painting was not her gift. Three years ago, a friend took Mullis to an art store and ordered her to paint. “Now,” says Mullis, “painting is the only thing that I am truly happy doing. It has brought me to myself.”


According to Mullis, this particular piece is about her two geographic loves, the city and her beach home. Although Vero Beach, Florida, is her actual hometown, Mullis considers New York City to be her spiritual home. “I am in a constant battle with wanting to go back to New York City. This painting makes me feel at home inside of myself.” Mullis notes that this painting represents the only time she has been able to “bring out an image from within my head. This painting was done in five minutes at my desk. It came into my head quickly and would not leave.”

Mullis uses her art to explore personal truths. “Art takes a tremendous amount of courage,” she says. “It is about releasing things that can trip us up…I want my art to show my grandchildren that they can do anything, that no one can thwart their dreams.”


[artist biography by Sydney Pettus; artist photograph by Jennifer Leman]



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