Major General Betty L Mullis, USAFR (Ret.)

Betty Mullis serves on the Air Force Aviation Heritage Foundation advisory board but hermullisusafr.jpg current full time job is as a
Captain with Federal Express flying the Boeing 727.

Betty received her start in aviation when she joined the United States
Air Force in
April 1972. During Betty’s career in the armed forces, she has logged
time in KC-135’s, C-130’s, C-141’s, T-37’s and T-38’s. Betty is
currently serving in the Air Force Reserves.

Betty has contributed her services to Operation Desert Storm, Provide Hope and Joint Endeavor.

Betty currently holds the following civilian ratings:
Commercial, Multi-Engine, Instrument, Flight Engineer Turbo Jet
And Type Rating in the following aircraft:

Boeing 707, Boeing 727, Lockheed C-130
Betty Mullis holds memberships in the following organizations:
Air Force Association, Women in Aviation, International, Airlift /
Tanker Association, Women Military Aviation Association, Reserve
Officer Association, Order of the Daedalians, Women Military Aviators


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