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James Mullis III

 James Mullis III

Senior Vice President

James Mullis co-founded JMSP & Associates along with Stephen
Provenza in 2002. A certified paramedic for over 15 years, Jay is
also certified as an AHA-Basic Trauma Life support provider, having
served as an instructor for adult education program in the Flagler
County school system since 1991. Over the course of several years,
Jay has participated with the St. Augustine Technical center in the
fire fighting program, and has been trained in fire fighting
standards, advanced extrication techniques, having earned awards in
both fire standards and training through the Division of the State
Fire Marshall’s office. 

In addition to his service with the fire department, he has also
served as instructor for the Florida National Guard teaching the
91W course at Camp Blanding, Florida.

During the last several years, Jay has participated in numerous
disaster relief programs serving several communities in different
states providing medical and emergency relief to hurricane and
disaster hit areas throughout the United States.


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