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– The main reason we ask that you register and login is so we can verify that you are a real person and attempt to keep spammers and spam bots out of our site. Registering also allows you to help us by being able to add photos, videos, and information to our site regarding Mullis Family History.

Submit Articles

– The menu at the very top of the page has a tab called “Dashboard” under that is “new post”. Click on “new post” and this will open up the editor that allows you to create your own posts (articles).

Adding Photos

– Photos can be added to your album found under you profile or they can be added to any post you create.

Adding Comments

– Almost every news article has an add comments box at the end of the article. After you log in you will be able to add your own comments.

Group Discussions

– Please help generate discussion in the Groups area. You can create your own group if you have a topic you would like to start.

Sharing your Research

– The easiest way for you to provide a lot of information to us that we can merged with our database database is to send us a copy of your genealogy research. For example, if you use the Family Tree program or Legacy Family Tree program, just send us a copy of your database file. We can accept files from either of these programs.

– If you use another genealogy program then create a Gedcom file from your database and send us that file. Almost every genealogical software program is able to create Gedcom files. This is the standard in genealogy.

Here is an article on how to create and share gedcom files.

– After you create a copy of your database or make a gedcom file, contact us and we will provide a link for you to upload the file. If the file is not too large you can email it to us (Only if it is under 5 mb “megabytes”).

– When we merge your data with our database, you and the sources listed in your file will be merged into our database. This is to give you credit for the research as well as to let others know where the data originated from. We subscribe to the school of thought that your data is only as good as its source.

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